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Derailleurs, Explained.

The derailleur is a bicycle component that controls the movement of the chain, allowing the rider to shift gears and adjust the resistance of pedaling. It consists of a mechanism with multiple gears or sprockets, a chain, and a derailleur hanger that attaches to the bike frame.

The derailleur has three parts:

- The cage: This is where your chain runs through. It moves up and down as you change gears.

- The jockey wheel: This wheel moves side to side along your chainring as you change gears.

- The spring: This pulls on the derailleur cage when it moves too far in one direction, so it stops itself from getting stuck in between gears.

Learning how to use a derailleur is important for several reasons:

Gear Shifting

Derailleurs are an essential component of your bike's drivetrain, responsible for shifting the gears on your bike. They transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel, allowing you to adapt your pedaling style depending on whether you're going uphill or downhill.

Control and Safety

Derailleurs allow you to maintain control over your bike when navigating challenging terrain or changing riding conditions. They help keep a steady cadence so that your legs don't get fatigued or strained.

Riding Efficiency

Using the right gear at the right time helps make your pedaling more efficient, conserving energy and allowing you to ride farther distances with less fatigue. It also allows you to find the optimal gear ratio that matches your riding style and fitness level, maximizing power output and speed.


Derailleurs provide versatility to your bike by allowing you to adapt to various riding situations—whether commuting, touring, racing, or mountain biking—and open up opportunities for exploring different types of terrain and routes.


Understanding how a derailleur works and how to use it properly can also help with basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments.

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