About Us

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Encompassing the philosophy of making a difference in more ways than just selling a product, Cykel Rack aims to improve people's lives by becoming their ultimate source for previously owned bicycles.

We are a source for improvement and change in the world. Each bike that we sell helps reduce the carbon footprint that comes from producing new bikes.

Cykel Rack helps remove the stress and brings peace of mind to all our customers when buying previously owned bicycles. We believe that our customers deserve a time to inspect our products on their own, familiarize and decide if this is the right bicycle for them.


Our core Values:

* Genuine

* Dependable

* Positive

Our mission is to make cycling more fun, affordable and accessible for everyone.

Cykel Rack is the perfect online spot for high-quality bikes at great prices. Our unique inspection program ensures that all our bicycles are safe and ready for you to ride. We offer a 100% online experience which makes it easy for you to explore, inspect, and ask questions. Plus, our customer care team is always available to help you choose the perfect bike for your needs. 

Warranty and Return. Because buying a previously owned bicycle is an investment, we offer a 30 day warranty and a 7 day return period for any of our previously owned bicycles. Our payment methods are secure and transactional, all backed up by major finance institutions.

So don't wait any longer - buy your new bike today!


Cykel Rack Team