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Ride in Style: Choosing the Perfect Pedals for Your Mountain Bike

When you're buying a pair of pedals, it's important to consider your riding style, skill level as a rider, and what type of trails you enjoy riding.

Pedals come in three main styles: clipless (also known as SPD), flat, and platform. Clipless pedals are designed for cross-country and all-mountain riding, while flat pedals are meant for downhill or freeride biking. Platform pedals are not recommended for any kind of mountain biking because they offer little control over your bike.

You should also consider your skill level as a rider when choosing which type of pedal will work best for your needs. If you're just starting out or have limited experience with mountain biking, flat pedals may be a good option because they offer more stability than clipless or platform pedals. As you gain more confidence as a rider, you can transition to clipless or platform pedals depending on what type of trails you enjoy riding most often (cross-country vs downhill).

Finally, consider compatibility with shoes before making a purchase! Clipless pedals require special shoes with cleats that attach directly to the pedal; if your shoes don't have these cleats then they won't work with this kind of pedal system.

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